KPMG Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF (UPDATED 2020)



KPMG Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF (UPDATED 2020) – This is the KPMG Nigeria interview process and the KPMG Nigeria Interview Past Questions and Answers. This will help you to pass the interview and secure your dream job – DOWNLOAD COMPLETE KPMG PAST QUESTIONS & ANSWERS HERE

KPMG Nigeria is one of the leading accounting, tax and audit company in Nigeria. Due to their large client base, they usually recruit regularly throughout the year to offer effective service delivery to their clients.

Nature of KMPG job interview exam 

The KPMG recruitment process in Nigeria involves a rigorous screening steps starting with job computer based exam. The level of the screening also depends on the job position. Entry level staff who will enroll for the graduate trainee program are engaged in more screening process.

KPMG job interview are in four stages stages

Stage one: Computer based Test

This is most quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and numerical evaluation. Most of the questions are the one in GMAT. We have a digital copy of the latest GTMAT for the rate of N2,000 only.

The ability to proceed to state two of the interview depends on your result in stage one.


KPMG Nigeria Interview Stage Two: Essay  Writing 

Those who scores at least 50% from the computer base test are asked to proceed to essay writing.



KPMG Nigeria Interview Stage Three: Assessment

After you are successful in stage two, you will be called to fill an application form and submit credentials. the next stage is an assessment centre comprising group work where we had to solve a puzzle, panel…

KPMG Nigeria Interview Stage Four: Panel Interview

This is the real panel interview where you will be told to speak for yourself. Some of the questions are listed below with respect to job roles.

KPMG Past Interview Questions

Interviews questions depends on your job position. We will categorize them below

KPMG Interview Questions for Entry Level Graduate Traineee

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why do you want to work with KPMG?
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
  4. Tell me a time you were in a situation of conflict and how you handled it
  5. Tell me a time you worked under pressure

KPMG Job Interview Past Questions for Senior Associate 

  1. Why do you want to work with KPMG?
  2. Tell me about a time you had to network with people to get things done?
  3. Why do you want to work in FRM?
  4. What do you understand by Operational, Credit and Market Risk?
  5. Tell me about a time when you worked in a group and the person was a very difficult person?
  6. When have you had to come up with an innovative idea and how did it benefit others?
  7. Tell me about a time when you had to make a presentation and what was your best presentation?
  8. Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to change in business environment?
  9. Tell me about a time when you had to go and understand a person’s interests?
  10. What personal development goals have you set in the past few years?
  11. Tell me about a time when you had to go an extra mile for your employer?

KPMG Partner Interview Nigeria Questions

  1. Where do you work and what do you do?
  2. Why are you leaving there?
  3. Two small paper questions: I. A fair value of the ticket is $1. There are a million tickets and there are payoffs of $1million. If the price of the strike of the call option is $5.
  4. What is the price of the option? II. If there are 2 A2 engines one had a 1/1000000 chance of failure and both engines are independent of each other, what is the probability that the plane would crash?
  5. Do you play sports?
  6. Do you play music, did you train, how long and why did you stop?
  7. Do you know about credit, market, operational and liquidity risk?
  8. Discuss a topic about derivatives?
  9. How do you price a derivative?
  10. Tell me about your numerical skills? 9. What is your best achievement in life and why? 10. What do you know about FRM?
  11. Did you do any CSR Project? What was your target and how did you meet it?
  12. Can you do VBA Macro’s? What can you do?
  13. Can you do coding? 14. What subjects did you study for your MSc and what did you do?
  14. What subjects did you study for your third year and what did you do?

KPMG Nigeria interview tips

Just like any other job interview, you need to prepare very well so that you do not fumble on the way. Here are few tips for you;

  1. Prepare with the KPMG interview past questions provided above.
  2. You should have good communication skill
  3. You should have confident while talking to the panelist





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