When will NPower 2019 Recruitment Start? Get Answers Now!

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When will NPower 2019 Recruitment Start? Get Answers Now – A lot of people are eager to know the commencement date for 2019 Npower recruitment exercise. Right here, you’ll find answers to that question and several other questions you may have in mind – Visit the official application portal for N-Power — apply.npower.gov.ng to apply now.

The NPower scheme was introduced in a bid to alleviate the rate and effect of unemployment in the Nigerian society. Presently, there are thousands of youths all over Nigeria already benefiting from the programme. Needless to say, many more others are interested in following in that footstep.

However, registration for the new batch of candidates was delayed longer than expected. And due to that, many questions were raised by several interested individuals.

Will there be an NPower registration in 2019?

Based on the last speech delivered by the Vice-President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, concerning the NPower programmed, we expect to see its continuation in 2019.

His speech went like this: “The programme will be expanded, enriched, made bigger and better and we will improve the welfare of those in the programme.

“The Federal Government wants to demonstrate through you that Nigerian young people are not only competent, but can with the best training become the best available anywhere in the world.

“You can be sure that we are going to see this programme through. We are going to continue the programme. We are not going to stop it.

If we’re to judge by those comments, then there will certainly be a new batch.

Why has there been a delay in 2019 Npower registration?

As a matter of fact, it’s very difficult to state the exact reasons that has led to the delay. However, it is highly notable that the 2017/2018 NPower batch experienced a very long delay. Even after completing their physical verification and sorts, they had to wait for nearly a year before deployment.

Due to the delay experienced by the last batch, it’s not hard to tell that the new batch will experience registration & resumption delays also. Although everything said are mostly based on speculations, since Npower has not come out to explicitly state the cause of the last delay and the cause of the present NPower registration delay?

When will NPower registration & recruitment for 2019 commence?

It is also very difficult to state exactly when the registration for 2019 will commence. If we give a date, then it’s just a guess. Notwithstanding, we expect registration to take place this year, since delaying it any further may cause a serious upset in the calendar.

The next year is a busy one in the Nigerian Calendar. The 2019 general elections is scheduled to take place in the early parts of the new year. Bearing that in mind, any talks of commencement of physical verifications and commencement of jobs will most likely be delayed till the 2019 general elections have been conducted.

In any case, we hope to see the commencement of registration soon enough.

Here are a few questions we’ve received from some of our readers:

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