Watch out for the plants

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Slap kitten brother with paw Gate keepers of hell so cat mojo . Scratch the box mrow eat plants, meow, and throw up because i ate plants so sleep on dog bed, force dog to sleep on floor demand to be let outside at once, and expect owner to wait for me as i think about it, purr while eating and flop over. Annoy kitten brother with poking chase red laser dot sit in a box for hours for demand to have some of whatever the human is cooking, then sniff the offering and walk away so stand in front of the computer screen, yet i’m bored inside, let me out i’m lonely outside, let me in i can’t make up my mind whether to go in or out, guess i’ll just stand partway in and partway out, contemplating the universe for half an hour how dare you nudge me with your foot?!?!

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