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The learning process is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, students more often than not find e-learning boring and less interactive especially in the absence of a lecturer and a classroom setting with all the fun that comes with it. Yet some resourceful e-learners have found solace in embracing the new trend. But then there are basic mistakes most students make which have turned the e-learning experience into being boring and uninteresting.

If some of these interaction errors can be avoided, e-learning can produce a better result on the long run.

  • Too much clicks and Opening Multiple Browsing windows: Due to the availability of more than adequate academic and research resource materials on the internet, students can be tempted to keep clicking and clicking…. Leading to having a lot of windows opened on the browser from unrelated topics, this can ultimately lead to distraction on the topic of the day. Instead of having a clear-cut guide on the objective of the day, the learner loses focus by diving into various topics simultaneously. Everyone faces this temptation all the time, but with self-discipline and personal objective, this can be avoided.


  • The Constant Urge To Click The Next Button: Closely related to number one above, while the e-learner is focused on a topic, there is always this urge to click the next button and proceed to the next. This approach to learning is a basic interaction error in the e-learning process. It requires a lot of self-discipline to just stay away from the mouse for ten minutes or more in order to get a better grasp on the information onscreen.


  • Inconsistency In On the Part Of the Learner: this can be regarded as perhaps the most distracting element in learning process. Maybe because the learner is grossly carried away on the task at hand, or it’s a matter of “flexibility” of the process, but in order to get the most out of e-learning, the student must be consistent with how he arranges his workstation and all the elements of interacting with the computer such as the menu bar,  the PDF download, the social media icons, and even the keyboard and the mouse. A better arrangement of these elements produces a better learning experience.


  • Overuse of Some elements: It is imperative to note the variance between consistency and repetition in interactions. Consistency affords a guide for the appearance, placement, and function of interaction; however, the experience can still be diverse within these rules. Be sure to provide a variety of interactions in your e-Learning rather than reusing the same methods repeatedly. For instance, you might have a lot of content you want learners to reveal. Rather than using selectable icons every time, you could use a timeline with sliders or a clickable diagram.


  • Overloaded Interaction: Use interactive elements properly. Keep the learning process interesting by spreading highly interactive screens among static text and image screens to create surprise and provide a welcome break. Just know that you can have too much of a good thing.


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