Simple steps to Upload Passport Photograph on inec recruitment portal

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Simple steps to Upload Passport Photograph on inec recruitment portal: Are you searching for how to successfully upload your passport on the INEC recruitment portal? Do you want to know how to resize your passport to fit in the required size on – INEC Recruitment portal? If then, this article is all you need to carry out that task.

Follow the steps below How to Upload Passport Photograph on – the official INEC recruitment portal 2020. Hence, in case you missed my previous post on HOW TO APPLY INEC RECRUITMENT FORM 2020 ON, you can still get the detailed guide here.

How to Upload Passport Photograph on

A lot of candidates who wish to apply for INEC recruitment application form 2020 online have been asking the right procedures to follow in resizing and uploading their passport photographs to upload to

Hence, in this article, I will take you on the step-by-step guide on how to get this task done. Don’t forget to show appreciation by sharing this article to your friends and family members and also to your social media handles.

INEC Recruitment 2020
Simple steps to Upload Passport Photograph on inec recruitment portal

Before you continue with the guide, kindly check some links suggested for you. – INEC Recruitment Portal

If you’ve been searching on the right INEC Recruitment Registration Process & Application Requirements, then you are at the right page. This post is to guide all interested applicants to apply for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recruitment form on .

We have created a sample account and attach pictures as I move on to guide you through this process. Please read carefully in order not to miss any important step and at the end of this guide, show some love by sharing this article across to your friends and family members. Click here to view the general application guidelines on INEC Recruitment portal.

How to Upload Passport on INEC Recruitment Portal

Upload your passport photograph. Ensure that you follow the guidelines below. Passports Applications with photos that do not match these specifications are liable to be rejected when you come for the interview.

    • The image must have adequate brightness and contrast;
    • The skin tone should be natural. In case of over-exposure or under-exposure of the photo, the skin is either too dark or too light, photo will not be acceptable;
    • It should show a close up of the head and partial shoulders;
    • The image should be straight looking, centered with neutral expression;
    • Face should be in sharp focus and clear;
    • The face from forehead edge to bottom of chin should be 70 to 80% of the photo or one inch height;
    • The eyes must be open and no hair obscuring the face;
    • Prescription glasses if worn should be clear and thin framed and should not have flash reflection or obscure the eyes;
    • Head coverings, hair, head-dress or facial ornaments should not obscure the face;
    • The photo must have plain light background;
    • There must be no other people or object in the photo;
    • The lighting must be uniform with no shadows on the face or behind;
    • Red eye photos are not allowed;
    • No lines are allowed.
    • No PNG image allowed.
    • Max size of the passport allowed (320KB).
Simple steps to Upload Passport Photograph on inec recruitment portal

Note: Passports Applications with photos that do not match these specifications are liable to be rejected when you come for the interview. Applicants are advised not to submit photos with any of the defects listed above.

Important Tips to note on

  • Try changing the file name of your passport photograph to something like “passport” and follow the process of uploading your passport.
  • Also, you should resize your passport by increasing the size. Increase the height and make sure it’s not more than 300kb in order not to exceed the supposed file size as instructed in this guide. Let me know if you have successfully uploaded it.
  • You should also note that INEC recruitment portal is always congested with lots of traffic, causing the site to slow down in connection. So, then, I will advise you to continue trying until it uploads. Probably, do this at night/late hours.
  • P.S: Use Paint (windows) after scanning to edit the passport or if you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop, this would help too.

That’s all. I wish you best of lucks!!

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