See all current International scholarships for Nigerian students

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See all current International scholarships for Nigerian students – Life in the university is considered to be one of the best times in your life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of people want to study abroad. Let’s take a look at the top 7 International scholarships for Nigerian students this year!

Top 7 latest international scholarships for Nigerian students

  1. University Of Bristol Scholarship

The University of Bristol can be one of the main places to study abroad. It’s not only one of the most popular universities in the United Kingdom but also in the world. It was founded in 1876. The university is also known to be the first education institution in England that allowed women to study with men on the equal level.

The university provides about six scholarships every year. The scholarship value is approximately ten thousand ponds. It’s provided for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Applicants will need to provide a video about their community and talk about why Bristol should have them become one of their students. For more information you can contact the office of Bristol at the The closing date for this scholarship the 9th of June.

  1. International Online Masters Scholarship at the University of Edinburgh

This university is one of the oldest in Great Britain. It’s located in Scotland, Edinburgh. The university provides four scholarships every year for Master’s Program only. It’s also provided on distance learning basis, therefore, you can continue to work and study at the same time. The closing date for the scholarship is provided to be on the second of June 2018.

  1. International Transform Together Scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University

This university has a long history where you can find a lot of interesting facts about it. The university was established in 1836. The scholarship only covers 50% of fees. The scholarship is eligible for any field of study. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that you may need to cover any extra fees for your education. The closing date for this scholarship is the 31st of May 2018.

  1. International Ambassador Scholarship for Nigerians

It’s one of the best study abroad scholarship for Nigerian student. The scholarship is provided by the University of West London. The university was established in 1992, but it has roots back to 1860. It’s a public university with various branches throughout all the United Kingdom.

The scholarship is established to provide financial support to exceptional students if they want to be ambassadors of their country. There are only 100 scholarships available every year and each of them worth around five thousand pounds. It’s provided for any field of study that you may want to acquire. It’s also possible to be taken by undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

  1. International Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship

This scholarship programme is quite new for Nigerians. It was established by the Government of Flanders in 2015. It only provides the scholarships for 45 students each year. It’s an exceptional Master’s programme for students all around the world. The goal of this programme is to provide the Flemish Higher Education.

The scholarship value is up to 7,500 euro. It’s provided for the full duration of the programme. There is no restriction for the field of study. You will be able to study in any participating Flemish host institutions. The closing date for the scholarship is 30th of April 2018.

  1. International Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarship in the Regents University of London

The Regents University was established in London in 1984. It was a private non-profit university. It’s one of the top independent publishing houses in the world. The award value is around four thousand pounds. This scholarship is to be provided through competition. The main field of study is International Fashion Marketing.

  1. International Scholarship For Nigerians In Nottingham Trent University

You can trace the history of this university back to 1843, but it only achieved the university status in 1992. It’s situated in Nottingham, England. It’s considered to be in the top 20 largest universities in the United Kingdom. The scholarship covers up to two thousand pounds of tuition. There are no restrictions in the field of study. Closing dates may vary, but in most cases, it ends in June.

There are a lot of interesting international scholarships for Nigerians. If you want to study abroad, then one of the above-mentioned scholarships can be your chance to do that! Do not forget about the closing dates for every scholarship. Of course, some of this scholarship does not provide much regarding coverage, but it’s better than to pay for the full tuition and accommodation all by yourself.

Do not forget that only the best students will be awarded with various scholarships. That’s the reason why you need to try harder when you study. Studying abroad is one of the most interesting experiences that you may have in your life. Do not miss it!

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