Nigeria Custom Service 2020 Recruitment is a Scam – Candidate Laments

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Nigeria Custom Service 2020 Recruitment is a Scam –Candidate Laments: So much panic has been raised on air concerning the ongoing 2019/2020 Nigeria Custom service recruitment – Check test results here!

Initially, Nigeria custom service started their online registration in the year 2019. Report has it that close to 1,000,000 people applied for the exercise. The recruitment witnessed huge number of applicants nation wide. In the year 2020, Nigeria custom services shortlisted over 160,000 candidates out of 800,000 candidates who applied for the job.

However, the recruitment process was not free and fair due to the manner in which Nigeria custom service shortlisted their candidates. This statement was made by an applicant who toggled for the job role. Few people took to their social media page and expressed deep regrets applying for the job role.

The last straw that broke the camels back was one applicant who got the text message on 16th of January 2020 by 11.44am, meanwhile he was scheduled to write the aptitude test by 9am.

He concluded by saying that Nigeria custom service are not organized. The statement made by him was as follows

” I am not happy with Nigeria custom service towards their method of recruitment. I received my own text message after the exam time has elapsed. I was scheduled to write 0n the 16th of January 2020 by 9.00am, but the message got to me by 11.44 am that very day”. In fact the text is a scam

He also said that, during the time of his online registration he included Abuja as his own exam centre, but how come they took him to his own state for the exam.

This young talented and hardworking man is soliciting for an advice from the social media on how he can re-write the aptitude test

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