New List Released for Npower Recruitment 2019 –  update here!

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New List Released for Npower Recruitment 2019 –  update here: Congratulations to all the N-power beneficiaries, indeed the Npower has given you not just an opportunity but an edge to further boost your career and self-esteem.

Today Npower have released other names for the 2019 n-power recruitment exercise.

NOTE: There is currently no new recruitment for the N-power categories.

The list is being released by categories and if you are updated, you will recall that the Npower has shortlisted for the N-Teach, N-build and many other categories.

Currently, the Npower is releasing names for the NPower Software category so if you are among those that registered for the Npower Soft-tech. I believe you must have received an invitation from them.

Furthermore, the Npower Software training is currently divided into the northern and southern zone and only the northern zone have begun training.

So, if you are from the southern part of the country and you have not seen your name there is nothing to worry about as names for the southern zone is yet to be published.

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