N-Power Begins Deployment for 2021 Applicants – How to Check NPower Deployment

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N-Power Begins Deployment for 2021 Applicants – How to Check NPower Deployment: The Npower programme has started deploying applicants for 2021 Youth Empowerment scheme, those who have applied for npower scheme have been deployed to their various programmes for Graduate and non-graduate.

Visit the Npower Portal https://nasims.gov.ng to see if you have been deployed to your programme scheme.


Graduate Category.

Non-Graduate Category.
N-Power Creative
The N-Power Tech-Hardware
N-Power Tech-Software

N-Power aspires to provide a platform where most Nigerians can access skills acquisition and development. N-Power is designed for Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35. The modular programmes under N-Power will ensure that each participant will learn and practice most of what is necessary to find or create work.

How To check Your Deployment Status

  1. Visit the Npower portal login https://nasims.gov.ng/login.
  2. Submit your email and password you provided during registration.
  3. Click on Proceed.
  4. At the top of you Dashboard, click on deployment

Has N-Power Started Deployment for 2021?

The N-Power programme has not yet published on their websites the names of successful applicant for deployments.

If it happens that you also applied for the 2021/2022 Npower programme, it is good and advisable that you keep refreshing and checking your email or you subscribe to our website for frequent updates.

I hope this article is helpful!

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