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The Benue State University has finally produced it’s first graduating medical students. The students who have spent more than 10 years on a six years course as a result of the government inability to get the Benue State University College of Health Science accredited were grateful for Governor Ortom’s timely intervention in their plight.They expressed this appreciation in separate interviews after completing their examination today.

Chairman and former President of the Medical Students, Dr Moses Terfa Asue, said they remained eternally grateful to the Governor.

“We thank God for the able leadership of Governor Ortom and appreciate the urgent steps he took towards alleviating our predicament of chronic stagnation,” he stated.

“As a class, we are pleased that he demonstrated his commitment by matching his words of mouth with action.”

Dr. Asue, 30, hails from Vandeikya local government area.He enrolled into the medical programme in the 2003/2004 academic session and would have graduated in 2009.

His class mate, Dr Odejo John Omale, 34, who hails from Otukpo local government area, stated that “better is the end of a matter than the beginning as Governor Ortom had made our graduation possible through his personal commitment to breaking the jinx that held us back.”

According to him, “It takes long to embrace the reality of freedom as our graduation today seemed to us as a joke having stagnated for long.”

Dr Abigail Avadoo Ngaji, 30, who hails from Ukum local government area said she enrolled at the same time with the two graduates saying if things had been normal she would have graduated at the age of 26.She said she was very grateful for the personal commitment of Governor Ortom.

Dr Usha Anenga, classmate of the three who hails from Katsina Ala local government associated himself with the position of his mates.

“I am very grateful and excited that our suffering for too long ended today and I thank Governor Ortom for his leadership which is capable of bringing Benue out of the woods,” he stated.”The past administration didn’t hit the hammer on the

nail as Ortom did, though they tried.” The Governor of Benue State in a telephone conversation congratulated the graduating students and wished them well.

“When I came in, I shared in their plight and ensured that their accreditation was done. I promise to continue in this light as education and health remain key to human development.”

However, Dr A Cornelius, also a graduating student of the College of Heath Sciences disagreed that the accreditation was Governor’s achievement. According to him, Governor Suswam did all he could to get the College accredited. He simply ran out of time only for Ortom to come in and take his glory.

” If you should ask Ortom, he will tell you not to include accreditation of medical health in his achievements. Am a student in the College of Health Science that is why I want to clarify issues here. Accreditation in CHS is not some thing you can do in a day. Suswam did everything possible to ensure he graduates the pioneering class. He built the hospital and disbursed funds needed for accreditation. Even before he left, the money he remitted for the project was under VC’s care. Just that some persons have been made to be glorified and others to be cursed if not Suswam deserves kudos for this accreditation and that is why we the medical students in BSU will remain indebted to him, I don’t know about the other achievements of Ortom.I want to quickly add here that truth is truth, it can not be hidden no matter how one tries to hide it. The entire Benue people are aware that Suswam is the reason why school of medical health science BSU is proud of being graduating her first set of graduates today, so let nobody takes glory for what he does not bargain for.” He said.

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