DSS Recruitment portal 2020/2021 | Department of State Service Recruitment Form

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DSS Recruitment portal 2020/2021 | Department of State Service Recruitment Form – It has officially been brought to the notice of the general public and interested applicants that the DSS recruitment for the year 2020 is now in session. The most awaited recruitment opportunity for the year 2020 is now out for application.

The DSS officially made their registration portal available as at yesterday, which means registration has officially begun on the DSS portal.

This article was published to help readers, and interested applicants become more prepared as we will unveil the processes, requirements, guidelines and proper means of applying for the 2020 DSS recruitment program.

Please read and digest this article to the end. As we take you through the journey of becoming a successful DSS agent for the 2020 DSS recruitment session.

Brief Knowledge about The Department Of State Service

The Department of State Service is a Security Agency in Nigeria. The DSS works hand in hand with other relevant State and Federal Security Agencies, to ensure serenity in the Country. DSS also works towards ensuring that there is absence of criminal disturbances in the country, as any criminal act will be thoroughly investigated, and the culprits will be brought to book in a professional manner.

The DSS is also charged with the responsibility of reducing terrorism rate in the country. DSS also ensures the absolute protection of government officials.


The following points below are the general requirements, demanded by the DSS, to help select qualified candidates for the 2020 recruitment session. Interested applicants should therefore note that the general requirements listed below are important and must be followed accordingly. However, applicants should also note that forgery of information or manipulation of details will be dealt with according.

The general requirements for the DSS recruitment for the 2020 recruitment session are as follows:

  1. The general height requirement for male applicants is a minimum of 1.7 meters. While the minimum height requirement for female applicant is a minimum of 1.64 meters tall. Please note that the height requirement specified here is not applicable to all DSS positions.
  2. All Candidates should be inherent citizens of Nigeria. Citizenship should be mostly by birth.
  3. The expanded chest measurement of all candidates should be a minimum of 0.87 meters.
  4. The applicants must have a clean health sheet. They must be cleared officially by a Government Medical Officer, to ensure they are free from any life threatening illnesses. Interested applicants with major heart issues are not permitted to apply.
  5. All candidates must be mentally, emotionally, psychologically fit. They must have a clean mental record.
  6. Interested applicant must be physically fit, before joining the DSS.
  7. Pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers are not permitted to apply for this recruitment exercise.
  8. Ex-convicts are not permitted to apply for the DSS recruitment exercise.
  9. Physically challenged individuals are not also permitted to apply for this recruitment exercise. Physical challenges include flat foot, speaking disabilities, eye defects, fractures, and others.
  10. All candidates must have a clean criminal record, and should have no connection to drugs, crimes, destruction of public properties, arrests, etc.
  11. The maximum age of interested individuals in the DSS recruitment exercise is thirty (30) years. Interested candidates that exceed this age should not bother applying.

Educational Requirements for DSS Recruitment 2020

Just as we promised, we are going to take you through the proper guidelines and processes on how to be a successful applicant into the DSS, for the 2020 recruitment session.

Having gone through the general requirements for the DSS recruitment, there are also other requirements and qualifications demanded by the DSS to ensure the selection of absolutely qualified candidates to fill in vacant positions available in the DSS for the 2020 recruitment session.

The educational qualifications stated below should be properly read by interested applicants as absence of these qualifications will render your application invalid.

The following are the education requirements demanded by the DSS, for the 2020 recruitment exercise.

  1. Please note that the minimum educational qualification for DSS recruitment is a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc), with a Second Class Upper Division CGPA.
  2. Also, if you do not have a Bachelor’s degree in the below listed courses, you can provide a National Certificate of Education (NCE) or a National Diploma from any recognized institution in Nigeria.

Required field of study includes;

  1. Electrical Engineering/Electronics Engineering/IT Specialist
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  5. Sociology
  6. Guidance and Counseling (for female only)
  7. Computer Science
  8. Physics
  9. Physical and Health Education
  10. Psychology


Please note that Dental officers, Consultants, Nurses as well as Medical Doctors are eligible to apply for the ongoing DSS recruitment. If there is a chance that you fall under this category, it is a necessity that you must possess a Council of Nigeria License in Nursing and Midwifery.

Available Positions for application in the 2020 DSS recruitment

Specific positions are available for application in the 2020 DSS recruitment exercise. Keep reading to know your area of specification.

Experts in the following fields are required for application into the DSS Nigeria.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Optometrist
  3. Radiologists
  4. Software Developer
  5. Computer Engineer/Data Administrator/Computer science education/Network engineer.
  6. Pediatrician
  7. Criminologist
  8. Orthopedic surgeon
  9. Mathematics Education
  10. Statistician
  11. Hospitality Managers
  12. English education
  13. Sociologist
  14. Satellite images interpreter
  15. Electrical/Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer/ Building
  16. Psychologist


The process of application for the DSS recruitment exercise is usually not done online. However, we have broken down in bits the methods and processes related to the offline method of application into the DSS recruitment.

Visit the official DSS Recruitment portal for more clarification. CLICK HERE to visit the DSS portal

Steps to Take When Applying for the DSS Recruitment Exercise

  1. You should write a formal letter that indicates your Local Government of Origin. Please note that the letter should be signed by the head of your Local Government Area Council, or any top official in your Local Government.
  2. The application letter must be handwritten, and it should be directed to the Director General, Department of State Service.
  3. Your complete Statement of Results is required.
  4. Applicants should provide two recent passport photographs, preferably with a color background.
  5. Once these processes have been duly followed, you would have to contact the DSS headquarters in your State Of Origin, and then you submit your application.


If you need aid for this recruitment; have any need for us to keep you updated on the latest information we have about the DSS recruitment, kindly drop a comment below and be the first to be notified of any updates/ changes.

DSS Recruitment Interview Process

We all expect to get shortlisted after going through due process of application and registration. However, there have been minimal or no planning at all concerning what happens after an applicant gets successfully shortlisted.

In this article, we will exhaustively relate to you what to expect during the DSS recruitment interview, and how to be successful during the interview exercise.

The Following Points Should be Noted While at the Interview Venue;

You should possess special qualities and skills during the interviewing exercise, especially when interacting with the recruitment officer or screening officer as the case may be. Securing a good job nowadays depends greatly on your performance during the interview. How you act, how you speak and how you present your words determines a lot. These few points should guide you to get recruited, not just under the DSS recruitment, but into any job of your choice.

Business Etiquette to Note

  1. Take note of the following business etiquette, as it will definitely help you, not just in this recruitment opportunity, but in other ones as well.
  2. You should appear professional and confident at all times.
  3. Be prompt and keep to times at all times.
  4. Endeavor to appreciate the screening officer for taking time to meet with you, both at the beginning and end of the interview session.
  5. You must learn to dress responsibly at all times. This cannot be over emphasized. Be moderate in your outfit daily.
  6. You should ensure that you sit only when asked to, and not because you assume a sit should be yours.
  7. Make sure you keep all mobile devices, as well as any electronic devices turned off, as at the time of the interview.
  8. Keep a positive and friendly attitude at all times.
  9. This you can do by making sure you
  10. Watch your body language at all times. How you react determines and tells a lot about you.
  11. Positive Carriage will guide you through. Be optimistic about the outcome, and always stay relaxed.
  12. If necessary, ask for clarification at any point in time. Interviewers admire people who are bold enough to ask questions during their interview.
  13. Ensure you converse in a clear language. Make sure you are not too fast or too slow while speaking. You should be able to speak fluently at all times.
  14. Questions should be properly answered at all times. This is done by;
  • Take a short Pause before answering so you can allow yourself think and come up with the best answer in the shortest possible time. This goes a long way to prove to the screening officer that you have carefully considered your answer before responding.
  • It is advisable to practice your answers before your interview. Already practiced answers make you sound more confident and sure of your abilities.
  • Lastly, try to eliminate the number of times you say words like; you know, um, uh. Words like that makes you sound unsure, and are very unprofessional.
  1. Be an expert in your communication skills. This implies that you should be able to interact brilliantly and responsibly at all times. However, if you lack the skill of proper communication, it makes the screening officer to note the following;
  • You lack the skill to perform well in work situations involving your colleagues, and customers.
  • You will be poor in properly relating or communicating with your conversation partner.

Also on DSS Recruitment Exercise

  1. Carry out an intensive the organization or agency. Get all the information you can lay your hands on about them, so that you can excel and stand out perfectly, where such questions are put out.
  2. You must demonstrate passion and enthusiasm always.
  3. Lastly, you should always ensure that in every opportunity granted to you, you need to prove that you are a great fit for the job. Make sure that you always back your enthusiasm up with facts.

Hope We Satisfied Your Curiosity?

If you need more updates on the DSS Recruitment 2020, or other recruitment opportunities, kindly drop your email address in the comment section below and we will notify you of any update on the recruitment process once it is out. Please share this article.


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