Complete guide on How to Apply for Indian Student Visa in Nigeria (2019)

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Complete guide on How to Apply for Indian Student Visa in Nigeria (2019) – We already have a post on how to apply for Indian Business Visa for businessmen who intend to travel to India. This is a guide for students or would-be students who want to study in India – click here for more visa application guide to other countries.

What is Indian Student Visa?

Indian Student Visa is meant for individuals who want to study in Indian universities or colleges. The holder of the Indian Student Visa is expected to stay in India for the duration of his course of study which shouldn’t be longer than five years.

Who Can Apply for Indian Student Visa in Nigeria?

  • Individual who have been given admission to study in an Indian institute of education.
  • Individual who owns a valid Nigeria passport/or a valid permit to stay in Nigeria (for a non-Nigerian national).
  • Individual who has enough money or sponsor to bear his cost of living and studying in India.
  • Individual who is on scholarship to study in India.

How to Apply for Indian Student Visa in Nigeria

There are three simple steps for applying for an Indian Student Visa in Nigeria.

Step 1

Click here  to go to the page where you will fill an online visa application form. Click on ‘Apply Online’ below the page to start filling the application form then print it out after you are done filling.

You should find an appointed date for interview on your printed visa application form.

Step 2

Gather the following documents:

Documents Checklist

  • Original passport that is valid for at least six months and with at least two blank pages.
  • Coloured photocopy of data page.
  • One original copy and photocopy of visa application form.
  • Letter of Acceptance from a recognised educational institution in India.
  • Letter containing full contact details of the applicant.
  • Bank statement of applicant or sponsor for the past six months.
  • Letter from sponsor confirming that he or she will sponsor applicant throughout the applicant’s stay in India.

See here for full information on relevant documents to gather.

Step 3

Visit the India High Commission to submit your gathered documents for interview.

More Information

  • You will be requested to pay a visa fee (not fixed) of about $254.
  • Oral Polio Vaccination/IPV certificate, valid for one year from the date of administering, is to be taken along.

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