Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Student Employment Opportunity – SUMMER / FALL 2019 (RSEO)

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Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Student Employment Opportunity – SUMMER / FALL 2019 (RSEO) – 

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

Public Service Commission of Canada – Department of National Defence initiative


Across Canada

Job type

Full-time or part-time


Salary: $10.91 – $25.94 per hour (see note)

Number of jobs

Approximately 200

Contact information

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Definition of a student

Open to

Canadian Armed Forces Reservists who are full-time students with Development Period (DP1) qualification. These are for employment opportunities within organisations across the Public Service.

What we are looking for

Only students enrolled as Reservists in the Canadian Army Reserve who are Development Period 1 (DP1) qualified can apply.

Reservist Students that meet the FSWEP eligibility criteria:

• you are a full-time high school, CEGEP, college or university student
• you are returning to full-time studies in the next academic year
• you meet the minimum age requirement in the province or territory of work

Note: If the applicable provincial or territorial minimum wage amount is higher than the current maximum offered for the corresponding academic level of the student, the provincial or territorial minimum wage rate is to be applied.

CLOSING DATE: June 20, 2019

What you will do

You will have the opportunity to acquire work experiences within the federal public service. You can acquire professional experience in fields such as security, defence, international development, marine science, administration, to name a few.

Whatever your passion or interest may be, we may have what you’re looking for.

Duration: Full-time & part-time possibilities during Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 sessions with possibility of being rehired in Winter 2020.

This is more than a job…

You will have the opportunity to acquire:
• professional experience & competencies
• meaningful work experience with exposure to various careers paths available within the federal public service
• transferable skills and abilities
• networking opportunities within a respectful and supportive work environment
• a flexible schedule that will ensure work/life balance

Conditions of Employment

You must meet the FSWEP Eligibility Criteria
You must provide proof that you have a valid Military Service Number
Reliability Security Clearance

CLOSING DATE: June 20, 2019

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